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Natural Solid Shampoo Bars

We offer natural shampoo bars for wholesale orders with worldwide shipping. If you would like to order bar shampoo with private labels for your brand, we'll be glad to assist. Our solid shampoo bars are handmade in Turkey. We offer vegan palm oil free option as well. You can order shampoo bars as scented with fragrance, or fragrance free, or scented with essential oils. Our standard bar is of creamy color, but you can pick another pattern from our other natural soap types for your custom order.

Our Shampoo bar is a premium hair care product, made with a unique formula with herbal oils, that are highly beneficial for hair and scalp skin. Our product is a perfect solution for people caring about the environment, it's eco-friendly and suitable for traveling. Our solid shampoo bars are handmade in small batches with cold process technique.

Bar size and dims

Our standard bar is 100 gr, with the dims 7cm x 7cm x 2cm. Since our shampoo bars are handmade, their weight and dims can vary a bit. You can also order shampoo bars uncut in 1kg loaves.

Make your brand stand out with helpful natural products.


Our Shampoo bar formula is designed to solve common scalp skin problems and to perfectly clean hair without overdrying.

We have two options for solid shampoo bars:

  1. standard (with palm oil and with or without fragrance);
  2. palm oil free (with or without fragrance).

We use sustainable palm oil. Some brands prefer to market their shampoo bars as palm oil free, especially vegan brands. We offer both options. Palm oil free option is a bit more expensive (since we need to substitute comparatively cheaper palm oil with more expensive coconut oil and other oils in soap formula, and the curing time in our stock is longer). The curing time for palm oil free bars is twice longer than for standard bars. While standard bars with palm oil are longer lasting.

Our fragrances are high quality, but they are not natural. Fragrance in a shampoo bar makes about 1-2% of the bar. Using fragrance in bars is optional. We can make fragrance-free bars, but the scent will be comparatively weak. If you prefer scenting with natural essential oils, we can use only the following essential oils for scenting: Orange oil, Cinnamon oil, Lavender oil, Lemon oil, Tea Tree oil, Rosemary oil and Daphne oil. The following soap types don’t contain fragrances anyway: Daphne soap, Lavender soap, Lemon soap, Nettle soap, Orange & Cinnamon soap, Rosemary soap, Tar soap, Tea Tree soap.

Shampoo bar ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, palm oil (We use sustainable palm oil. You can choose palm oil free option.), aloe vera oil, flax seed oil, water, sodium hydroxide, fragrance (optional).

Coconut oil in the shampoo bar provides deep conditioning and bubbly lather. Castor oil in conbination with olive oil strengthens hair and nourishes scalp. Rich in vitamins sweet almond oil softens hair and makes it feel smoother to the touch. Jojoba oil prevents disrupting scalp's natural pH balance. Sesame oil enhances hair growth and helps maintain scalp health. Palm oil makes Shampoo bar longer lasting. Aloe vera oil repairs skin cells on the scalp and makes hair shiny. Flax seed oil deeply nourishes and strengthens hair from the roots.

We don’t use any colorants in our soap. All of the color patterns in our natural bars come from the natural ingredients used in the soap: cinnamon, honey, turmeric, herbs, poppy seeds, dried vegetable powders, tar, black cumin, dry orange, wine, oatmeal.

Production method

We make our handmade shampoo bars with cold process technique, which means we don’t heat oils for hours and we retain the natural properties of oils in the bars. We use sodium hydroxide (NaOH, lye) for saponification of the oils during the soap making process. All real soap is made with sodium hydroxide. According to the FDA, “to be regulated as “soap,” the product must be composed mainly of the “alkali salts of fatty acids,” that is, the material you get when you combine fats or oils with an alkali, such as lye”, and “those “alkali salts of fatty acids” must be the only material that results in the product’s cleaning action”. Our soap is made by mixing oils (fatty acids) with sodium hydroxide (alkali) under special conditions, and our soap does not contain any additional synthetic detergents that could result in the cleaning property. Our soap is a true soap that helps perfectly clean skin. With our shampoo bars you will be able to offer your customers a really helpful healthy product, that they’ll be grateful for.

Buy skin care products from a certified supplier.


We are GMP and ISO certified. Our manufacturing process complies with the international standard of good manufacturing practices (GMP). That is proven by ISO 22716:2007 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications achieved by our company. Which means our manufacturing, storing, packaging, testing and transportation processes meet the highest international standards in the cosmetics manufacturing industry.

We have a Certificate of Free Sale, issued by the Ministry of Health in Turkey. The Certificate of Free Sale is evidence that our soap is legally sold or distributed in the open market, freely without restriction, and approved by the regulatory authorities in the country of origin (Turkey). That certificate is needed in some countries for import.

We send soap with MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for each soap type, containing the qualitative and quantitative information on soap formula.

We follow INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) when listing ingredients for labels.

Please, drop us a message to learn more about any specific document.

Handling time

We start production with 50% prepayment. The production time depends on the order amount. For small orders of 500-2000 bars it takes a few days to produce the soap. After the production is finished, natural cold process soap must cure. It takes 2 weeks for shampoo bars with palm oil to cure before shipping. And for palm oil free shampoo bars the curing time is longer: 4-6 weeks to cure before shipping. It usually takes a few days more to label the soap, depending on the order amount. So, the handling time depends on the soap (with palm oil or palm oil free) and the order amount. To get the exact estimates, please, send us a detailed message about the soap you need and the order amount.

We ship worldwide. We have agreement with TNT and DHL for fast air shipping.

Shipping options and delivery time

We ship worldwide. So far we have shipped our natural soap to 40+ countries, including US, Canada, EU, UK, East Europe, South Korea and other Asian countries, GCC countries.

We have agreements with DHL and TNT for fast air shipping, which lets us get lower shipping costs. The delivery time with air shipping is usually 3-5 days.

On large quantities shipping cost is high, and we also offer shipping by truck all over Europe, as well as sea shipping to Americas and Asia. Sea shipping requires date booking for shipping, which must be made in advance. The costs for sea shipping and shipping by truck is significantly lower on large orders, and is available only for large orders. The delivery time with shipping by truck to Europe is usually 7-10 days. The delivery time with sea shipping is about 4 weeks.

When placing an order you should learn the customs requirements in your country. We cannot know the paperwork needed in your country, as well as customs fees. That research is the responsibility of a buyer.

To quote the shipping cost, please, contact us, specifying your location and order amount.

Minimum order quantity

Our MOQ for Shampoo bars is 500 bars. You can order different soap types within that amount.

Try before you buy. Order shampoo bar samples today!


You can order soap samples before placing an order. We ship samples worldwide with TNT and DHL. The delivery time is usually 3-5 days.

You can check the costs for samples for our top locations here.

You can order any of our standard soap types as samples. To order samples, please, send us an email to with the list of soap types for samples and your location. We will send the samples within 3 days after the payment is received.

Would like to receive some samples while visiting Turkey? We would be glad to provide them. Just contact us and list the soap types you would like to try, as well as your address in Turkey and phone number for shipping details.

Just drop us a message to to order private label soap for your brand.

How to place an order

To place an order, please, send us an email to with the list of soap types and amounts for each soap type, as well as your location. Specify if you are interested in our standard natural soap or its palm oil free version. Also, specify if you want soap with fragrance or fragrance free.

That way we’ll agree about the final cost, and we’ll start the production after the 50% prepayment.

Making bank transfers with Transferwise is safe, cheap and easy.


We accept payments for orders and samples with a bank transfer via Transferwise. We’ll send the payment details by email after we discuss the details or an order or samples.

PayPal does not operate in Turkey, unfortunately, and we don’t accept payments with PayPal.

Visit us

Would like to meet? We are located in Ankara, Turkey. If you want to visit us to meet face to face, have a coffee, tell us about your business and see our small but nice natural soap factory, we are totally in! Please, drop us a message to check the dates, we will do our best to schedule the time that suits you best.

Quote the price

To quote the order cost and shipping cost, please, send us an email with the following details: soap types, order amount, your location.

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