Super Qualities - All Natural Soap Bars

The Sabunaria soaps are paraben-free for not promoting skin-ageing effects in women. We do not include animal fat in our soaps as the commercial companies add tallow in the soaps because we only offer vegan soaps, which are best for human being whether for eating or applying on skin. Human skin is very sensitive to deal and natural ingredients are enough to heal and cleanse that is why the absence of synthetic materials from our natural soaps totally discourage the presence of detergents in such products. Our SLS (Sodium Lauretha Sulfate)-free Soaps are an alternative for baby shampoos because of having healthy ingredients only. We produce beautiful boutique look soaps and don’t add colorants chemicals as we are committed to our customers for supplying only natural handmade soaps. Our love for human beings and animals has equal weightage that’s why preparing Cruelty-free soaps is our mission to spread beauties around the globe.

The Sabunaria soaps offers valuable products to its customers that are:

  • Detergents free
  • Synthetic Colors Free
  • Artificial Preservatives Free
  • Artificial Foam Boosters Free
  • GMO's Free And Biodegradable
  • Mild And Nourishing Only
  • Safe And Effective For Everyone

Current studies have proved that natural products are eco-friendly to look beautiful and stay healthy for years. We are committed to our mission and philosophy that we are only offering natural handmade soaps!