Our Story - All Natural Soap Bars

Sabunaria is one of the best soaps manufacturing company, which is located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Before starting our business, we analyzed the health profile of Turkey and came to know that the production of natural soaps had become the basic need of the customers.

According to the web report of worldlifeexpectancy.com report, skin disease is one of the top 50 causes of deaths in Turkey. In 2014, we had introduced a variety of Sabunaria hand-made soaps, which chemical free for a healthy, glowing and soft skin with 100% natural ingredients with a small amount of use Sodium Hydroxide (Lye). Our rich and quality oriented formula includes fats of vegetable and especially the olive oil, supplies from Aegean Sea area in Turkey.

The slogan of Sabunaria is “The Pleasure of the natural skin care” fulfills the essence and durability of our brand to benefit our consumers in every way. The unique and beautiful boutique look with natural ingredients of our dermatological tested brand has the ability to cure all skin diseases. For example, the Grape Soap tightens the skin pores, Kefir Soap relieves skin stress, Nettle Soap stops the skin aging effects, Pomegranate Soap is useful for eczema, Lemon and Poppy soap is useful for fungal skin infections, Orange Soap recovers the infectious skin, Rose Soap heals the sunburns, etc. We offer free samples to our customers before supplying our products because we ensure that we will have returning buyers, which is why our business has expanded in USA, Oman, European Unions, UAE, etc. within years.

We are proud of our team members who are expert in creating perfect formulae to make natural handmade soaps. Sabunaria has been achieving its all goals and objectives with the passage of time. Not only the Turkish customers but also the number of exporters have appreciated us but we have GMP Certificate for “Good Manufacturing Practices”, which is an aspiring achievement for a newly established brand.