Private Label Soap Wholesale - All Natural Soap Bars

Sell Our Natural Soaps With Your Own Labels

private label soap wholesale

If you would like to add natural soap to your product line, we would be glad to produce handmade soap bars and package them for you. We use paper sleeves for packaging. We will put your logo and business details to the packaging.
There are two options for label design:

  1. You provide us with your logo in PNG with transparent background and all the business details you want to add to the packaging, and we prepare a label for you using our template.
  2. You prepare the label design, we print it and package soap bars for you.

We offer private label packaging for free. Our minimum order quantity is 500 soap bars. The total cost depends on your location. You can check the costs for our top locations here. Please, contact us to learn the final cost to your location.

We can send your order within 2 weeks.

You can order a mix of soap types within your order. We offer 20+ pre-existing soap types. You can order our natural soap with customized ingredients, we can add or remove ingredients by your demand. If you want to create custom soap, please, contact us with all the details, so we can check if it’s possible for us. For example, you can choose if to use palm oil or fragrance in soap recipe.

We don’t offer designs for samples. But we can send you a label design by email after you place your order. You can order soap samples before placing an order. You can check the costs for samples for our top locations here.

The packaging is 100% recycled. In this packaging your customers will be able to see and smell the soaps.

Our all-purpose handmade soap is the highest quality soap on Turkish market. We create our own soap recipes with natural olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil and other ingredients like goat milk, honey, oatmeal, essential oils. We use lye in our soap making process, which makes our product a perfect cleaning tool for all skin types. Our soap bars are 100% skin-friendly. The natural ingredients in our soaps offer lots of lather and soften skin. We make our handmade soaps with cold process technique.

You can choose if to use fragrance in your soap bars to add a charming scent to the bars that customers can enjoy during shopping and shower time.

Any promotional materials are discussable only for orders starting with 5.000 bars.

private label natural soap wholesale
private label natural soap wholesale
private label natural soap wholesale
private label natural soap wholesale

Marketing, marketing, marketing...

Private label soap is a great way to provide a unique offer to your customers with your own brand name. A new product with your logo on the packaging gives you an opportunity to increase the average order amount in your store and enhance customer loyalty, since that product will be available only in your store and only with your brand name. Make your customers satisfied with an amazing natural soap line and slash the churn rate!

You don't have to worry about manufacturing and labeling, saving more time for branding and awesome customer service. We would be glad to do that work for you!

Worldwide shipping & Distributorship

We ship worldwide with TNT and UPS. It usually takes 2-6 days for delivery (depending on your location) and up to 2 weeks for us to make and prepare your soaps for shipping.

So far we have sent soap with private labels to 20+ counties in North America, GCC, Europe and Asia. When placing an order you should provide us with the special customs requirements for your country, and we'll do our best to prepare that paperwork for you.

If you want to make an agreement for unique distributorship in your country, just drop us a message to check if we don't have any customers already in your country with unique distributorship rights. We have low requirements for distributorship agreement, it's easy to start working with us. If we agree, we won't sell our soaps to anybody else in your country. You will be our one and only precious customer in your area.

private label soap wholesale

If you design your own label

If you design your own label, we will provide you with the dimensions of soap bars. We will try to find a paper option that suits your needs. We will need your design prepared in CowelDraw. We will need just your template, we will fill in the ingredients and soap types. This option gives you the most control over your branding and the final look of the packaging.

If you don't need any labels at all and going to label soaps yourself after receiving, we can send soap bars without packaging.

Your business details on the labels

We can add by your request any business details you need (address, phone, website, social media, slogan, etc.). We can add any text you need. We can send you a label template for you to confirm.

What details we add to the packaging?

We usually place the following details to the packaging: ingredients, production date, use by date, soap type, a mention that soap is natural and handmade, manufacturer (can be changed to your brand name), manufacturing address (can be changed to your business address), weight, serial number, barcode.

Any details can be changed by your request.

Would like to meet?

That would be great! We are located in Ankara, Turkey. If you want to visit us to meet face to face, have a coffee, tell us about your business and see our small but nice natural soap factory, we are totally in! We can even show you how we create our natural soap. Please, drop us a message to check the dates, we will do our best to schedule the time that suits you best.

Would like to receive some samples while visiting Turkey?

We would be glad to provide them for free. Just contact us and list the soap types you would like to try.