We accept wholesale orders for our natural handmade soap with your own logo, or a private label. We usually use paper sleeves for packaging, and can print your logo on the packaging. But you can order the package you need, just send us a message and describe, in which packaging you are interested in. We are very flexible with production and can create soaps of your dream!

Our regular price for paper sleeves is $0.1 / item. This packaging is 100% recycled. In this packaging your customers will be able to see and smell the soaps.

We make great discounts on large orders, so please contact us to find out the exact price for your order size.

The prices for natural handmade soaps with packaging are the following:

  • For 500 soap bars: $1.20
  • For 1,000 soap bars: $1.10
  • For 2,000 soap bars: $1.05

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