Philosophy & Mission - All Natural Soap Bars

Our Philosophy

  1. We use only natural ingredients for Sabunaria handmade soaps.
  2. Majority of ingredients are eatable by human beings.
  3. We tested our unique and perfect formulas 100s times before final product to sale. Each testing brought improvement and we are still finding new ways to make a miraculous brand for the customers.
  4. Our soaps range include both vegan and non-vegan products.
  5. We produce cold-process soaps and do not boil the ingredients for hours to melt. In simple words, our skin product has natural ingredients for long-lasting and healthy effects.
  6. Our philosophy of using the temperate heat is based on combining the materials for a making quality soap only.
  7. We never test the soaps or its ingredients on animals.
  8. We only supply 100% biodegradable handmade soaps.
  9. We offer our range for multiple effects, for skin cleansing and for skin problems as well. We do not remove natural moisturizing from our glycerin enriched soaps.
  10. Our packaging department takes great pains in terms of environmental consciousness, which is why our stunning but plastic free bags are recyclable.
  11. We use 100% natural raw ingredients, which are kefir, goat milk, coconut butter, castor oil, coffee and pure extra virgin oil.


  1. To use sustainable and fresh ingredients to prepare natural, safe and effective skin care products.
  2. Provision of harmful - chemical free soaps to our customers.
  3. Spreading a message to show the power of nature to cleanse protects and heal the human skin.
  4. Operating the business by following the core values of our slogan, “the pleasure of natural skin care”.
  5. Vision behind our mission is a healthy lifestyle with healthy skin on this healthy planet.
  6. People are our greatest asset supply of quality product is our responsibility with honesty and integrity by respecting all of our clients.
  7. To send your feedback, complaints or suggestions, there is an Easy access to reach our staff by telephone or emails to get answers quickly of all of your queries.