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soap loaves wholesale

Would you like to please your customers with beautiful soaps of the highest quality? We offer all natural handmade soap for wholesale orders in two versions: cut into bars and uncut in loaves. Usually our bars are of 100 gram weight, while a standard loaf weights more than 1 kg. Thus, there are 10 bars in a loaf. We can make bigger or smaller size soap loaves for you if you need.

How the soap loaves are made?

Our soaps are cold processed, it means we don't heat the ingredients to keep the useful properties. When making soaps, we mix all the ingredients using our unique formulas and techniques. Then, we put still liquid soap into our special molds. When the soap hardens after waiting in a warm place, we get it out of the molds, and handmade soaps loaves are ready. Then we leave them to dry for a few weeks before shipping.

The bases of our handmade soaps are 100% natural oils like olive, castor, coconut and essential oils. We don't use any colorants, fragrances or animal oils. We usually decorate our soaps with herbals or particles of spices, coffee, cocoa, cinnamon, oatmeal.

Why to buy soap in loaves?

Our beautiful soap loaves have eye-catching look and they always sell great. When ordering soap in loaves, you can cut the soap by your desired weight in front of customers, which once again emphasizes the handmade nature of the soap. Some buyers may want to buy bars of larger or smaller size than the standard soap bars of 100 grams, and you will be able easily satisfy their demand.

How to cut the soap loaves?

It’s very easy! You can use a big knife for it, or a wire cheese cutter, or a bench scraper. When cutting, soap loaves are just a little harder than cheese.

Special orders

Couldn’t find the desired soap among our collection of handmade soaps? No worries! Just contact us and tell whıch soap you need, and we’ll be happy to make it for you. We are very flexible with soap ingredients, size and look, and can create any soap you need.

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