Key Differences - All Natural Soap Bars

Sabunaria handmade natural soaps have been getting popularity amongst men, women and senior citizens. An increase in demand for natural soaps proves the fact that the modern world has known the advantages of natural products for a healthy living. Within 3 years of our brand creation, we have what key differences have found in our soaps from our competitors. Such as:

  1. There are no powder detergents in traditional soaps, which are very dangerous for soft skin of human beings.
  2. The commercial soaps can be less expensive with harmful chemicals to damage the skin but the homemade soaps have the ability to cure the skin diseases with healthy and glowing effects for years.
  3. The ingredients of homemade soaps are natural oils and healthy foods, which are very useful for dry, itchy, acne and eczema skin. On the other hand, the commercial soaps are the causes of above-mentioned diseases mostly.
  4. The customers of skin product should observe the TV commercials about lotions and creams, which describe the reasons behind dry or itchy skin that is usually the chemical soaps. Natural homemade soaps only include healthy ingredients, such as glycerin and olive oil, which moisturizes the skin naturally.
  5. The homemade soaps have fascinating aroma because of natural essential oils to relax the mind and body for the whole day. On the other hand, the aroma of organic soaps can cause of stress and headache for some sensitive users.
  6. The environment-friendly natural soaps keep the skin young and fresh for years by not damaging the cells. The chemical soaps damage the sensitive cells of skin because of having detergents, which are used to wash tech products for cleaning and does not care that human skin very soft and need special care.

We have been providing Sabunaria handmade soaps after dermatological tests since 2014. It has proved that we are serving our national and international clients in a healthy way through quality-oriented soaps for daily use.