?Which ingredients do you use in your soap?
The composition of each soap includes olive oil and essential oils of the highest quality, such as lavender, apricot, nigella or nettle essential oil. We use only natural oils, like coconut and palm butters, olive and castor oils.
?Are your soaps handmade?
We make our soaps by hand in small batches, which gives us full control over the quality of each soap bar. We care about the look of our soap, we make it unusual and beautiful. This combination of all-natural ingredients and attractive look is designed to give 100% natural pleasure during use.

Custom soap

?What are the sizes of your bars / loaves?
For handmade natural soaps: Our standart size of soap bars are 100 gr bars. You can order our soaps in bars of larger or smaller sizes (ex.: 50 gr, 200 gr, etc.). You can also order soap in loaves (1 kg, or 1.5 kg, or 2 kg).
For glycerin soaps: 100 gr bars.
For glycerın soap loaves: 1 kg.
?Can I order soaps in loaves?
Yes, you can order our natural handmade soap and glycerin soap in loaves.
?Are different color options and different aroma options available?
Yes, for our handmade soaps. You can choose any color or mix of colors you want. You are free to choose your desired aromas and essential oils. The prices for customized soaps are the same.
?Do you have any non-standard soaps to please my customers with?
Yes, we offer spa sea salt soaps of different shapes (flowers, stones, cakes, etc.) and loofah soaps (of different types). The prices for our non-standart soaps are the same.

Packaging and labels

?Do you provide any packaging?
Yes, we provide labeled paper sleeve wraps as packaging. You can also choose your desired packaging.
?Can you put my brand name to the labels?
Yes, we can put your brand name, logo and desired text on labels.


?Can I order the samples?
Yes, you can order the soap samples, they are free. But you need to pay the shipping cost from Turkey to your location. Click for more info


?How much is the shipping cost?
Shipping costs vary by country and by soap amount. Usually you can save on shipping when ordering larger amount of soaps. Please, drop us a message specifying your location and soap amount, so we could reply to you with the shipping cost.
?Do you ship to international countries?
Yes, we ship worldwide.


?How can I order?
To order our soaps, just send us an email or drop a message. Please describe in which products you are interested and in which amount.
?Do you have a minimum order?
Yes, our minimum order is 500 soap bars (or 50 kg).