Custom Soap Wholesale - All Natural Soap Bars
custom natural soaps wholesale on demand

Looking for some very special soaps? We can make the soap of your dream! We accept custom natural soap orders on demand at the same price as our usual handmade soaps.

Desired ingredients

Are you interested in any particular ingredients to be included to the soap? Like special oils, essential oils, herbs, flowers, clay or something else. Just drop us a message and tell us which ingredient you need, and we’ll create a soap formula with your desired ingredients.

Unique colors

Need some special colors in your soaps? Ok, we’ll make it. Just tell us which colors you are interested in and we’ll make that soap for you. It could be your brand colors, or your favorite color, or the color to match your product series.

Special size

Need some special sized soap bars? Well, we can make soap bars of any size you need. It could be small hotel size bars, or standard bars, or larger bars. We can also supply you with soap in loaves so you will be able to cut the soap yourself in front of your customers.

Soap decoration

Need to decorate the soaps with some special elements? We can do it for you.

Special packaging

We can make the packaging you need. We can put your logo to the packaging.


The prices for custom natural soaps are the same as for our regular handmade soaps.

  • For 500 soap bars: $1.20
  • For 1,000 soap bars: $1.10
  • For 2,000 soap bars: $1.05

If your desired ingredients are too expensive, we can add some additional cost.

How to order

To make a custom soap order, please send us a message to or via our contact form. Describe your desired soaps, order size and tell us your location. We’ll be happy to make that soaps for you!

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