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Legend about soap

Once upon a time on Mount Sapo ancient Romans were making sacrifices to the gods. Ash and animal fat heated from burning on a stake were washed off to the river Tiber, where inhabitants washed clothes.

Women noticed that in that places where the mountain runoff came to the river, the water became foamy and clothes were washed much easier. Thus, according to the legend people found out about soap.

ancient world soap

Fact #1

In the ancient world, soap was made of goat or bovine fat with a mixture of beech ash.

Fact #2

The first extant soap recipe dated 2500 BC and inscribed in Sumerian cuneiform writing on a clay tablet. In those days the Sumerians used soap for cleaning sheep skins from lanolin before being painted.

ancient world soap
ancient world soap

Fact #3

During excavations in Pompeii, archaeologists found a whole soap factory with a large assortment of soap.

Fact #4

Up until the 19th century, soap was considered a luxury good and was unavailable to most of Europe's population.

ancient world soap
ancient world soap

Fact #5

Soap should be left to dry for at least four weeks prior to use.

Fact #6

Handwashing with soap can reduce the diarrhea risk by 44%.

ancient world soap
ancient world soap

Fact #7

October 15th is Global Handwashing Day!

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