15 Tips for Selling Handmade Soaps - All Natural Soap Bars

Our customers (online and offline store owners) often ask us for advices on selling the soaps retail. We are a wholesale company, but we know the end consumers of our products very well. In this article, we’ll share the tips for selling natural soaps in your store.

Tip #1

Position the stand with the soaps in plain view. It will undoubtedly attract the attention of customers.

Make the soaps visible in your store, and your customers will get interested in them. You can also add some pointer to them to make the soaps more eye-catching.

Tip #2

Offer several soap scents. Customers would rather buy one bar of each type of soap than several bars of one kind of soap.

Most people like trying new products and compare them. Plus everyone loves variety in day-to-day life. Offer several kinds of great soaps to your customers and they will want to try them all.

Tip #3

Make a campaign for those customers who buy several soaps, like a free sponge.

People love free stuff. Offer some gifts to your customers, and they would agree to buy more soaps.

Tip #4

Learn the properties of the soap components, as people will ask what soap suits best for their skin.

Be an expert in the products you sell. We would be happy to provide you with all the information for each kind of soap and its properties. Your customers will feel your confidence and attention to their needs.

Tip #5

Promote the soaps are handmade and natural, which makes them completely unique.

People like to own something unique. Position the handmade soap as a totally unique body care product (as it really is!).

Tip #6

Tell about the soaps. Customers would more like to listen to you than read.

Make it easy for customers to learn the properties of the soaps, just tell about them.

Tip #7

Let customers first look and smell the soaps, and then tell more about the product.

Don’t interrupt your customers when they look at the soaps and smell them. And, then you can tell them more about the soaps.

Tip #8

Mention the unique soaps in the text of your advertisement.

Both old and new customers may get interested in your new products. Let them know you have great natural soaps for them to try.

Tip #9

Tell customers about the pleasant moments that they will live, using this soap.

It’s not a secret that emotions sell much better than products themselves. Offer to your customers the pleasant experience when using all-natural soap. Tell them about your first use of the soap.

Tip #10

Tell how you personally liked the natural soaps.

Sure, you should do it if you really liked the soaps! People like to learn testimonials before buying a product. Tell them about your good experience.

Tip #11

Use social media to get customers interested in the soaps in your store.

Do you have your store profile on social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+? If so, share the update about new handmade soaps in your store.

Tip #12

If you send newsletters by email, mention the soaps in your email campaign.

You should definitely include the information (better with pictures) about the new soaps to an email campaign. Motivate your customers to visit your store.

Tip #13

Use Google ads to precisely target only people in your radius.

With AdWords campaigns you can target only the people around your store who are interested in buying natural products. We can help you with managing your ads for our soaps, if you need, as we have AdWords experts in our team. Just contact us if you need any help with Google ads.

Tip #14

Try giving away free soap samples to the most spending customers.

”Try before you buy” is one of the most successful selling technique. Give soap samples to the customers who bring the most value, and they will come again to your store to buy more soaps.

Tip #15

Try to cut the soap loaves in front of your customers. It will emphasize the handmade nature of the soaps.

Impress your customers by cutting soaps yourself. They will be also able to buy the soap of the desired size.

We hope you find some tips helpful for you. Nevertheless, nobody knows your customers better than you, so it’s up to you which combination of the techniques to use.

If you would like to order our natural soaps, just drop us a message, it would be nice to hear from you!

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