Looking for beautiful soaps for your business? We offer all natural soap made of olive oil, coconut oil and essential oils, handmade in Turkey. Our soap recipes are unique and made by us from scratch. And another cool part is that prices are absolutely affordable.



Yes, we ship worldwide. So far, we have sold our soaps to customers from 20+ countries. Just provide us with the list of the required documentation for customs in your country, and we'll prepare all the paperwork. We ship with UPS fast shipping.

wholesale soap worldwide shipping

Just highest quality soaps at low wholesale prices. Exciting?

or just drop us a message for more details.

We would be happy to supply you with our soaps!

We offer 100% natural cold process soaps, made from scratch with our unique formulas, from the highest quality raw ingredients (Turkish Extra Virgin olive oil from Aegean Sea area is the main component of our soaps). Our soaps are handmade; we even cut them by hands, so each of our soap bars looks unique.

Our artisan soaps could become a great novelty in your store or website. Among our wholesale customers are natural products store owners, spa salons, hotels, monthly subscription websites, wedding organization companies and many others.

We are a small team of soap making enthusiasts who want to share the great joy of having a bath with pure natural soap. Please explore our collection of products and keep in mind that we can create any soap you want to offer to your customers. Contact us and share your ideas for your business, we believe we can help!

We produce our handmade soap bars by demand, but frequently we have ready to sell soaps in stock, as well. Our handmade soaps contain at least 4 different oils (Aegean Sea olive oil, coconut oil, castor oils + essential oils). Don't hesitate to ask for more details!

How we can serve you:

We offer products made of pure natural ingredients. We buy our raw materials only from trusted certified suppliers. Our soaps are eco-friendly and animal-friendly and make the best fit even for very sensitive skin.

We have many happy customers who love our products. It means your customers will love our soaps too and will return to you to buy the soaps again and again.

We are very flexible with cutting and soap styles. It means you are free to order ANY size of bars you need (not just standard 100 gr size of bars). You are free to order any special soap with your desired ingredients, and it’s all at the same price as stated in our pricelist (sure, if your desired ingredients are very expensive, we could add some additional cost).

We provide very good discounts on large orders.

We are a certified soap production company. We are eligible to export our soaps to any country.

We can put your own brand name on our labels. We guarantee attractive looking packaging that your customers will love!